Crayon Craft Fun - Lazy Homeschooling Day

We decided to take it easy today. I've been pushing hard to establish a routine with the kids, but even I can't stand that for too long. Working for myself provides me the ability to work at my own pace and schedule (for the most part), so if I can't even handle a strict schedule, how can I expect my kids to be able to do the same? 

So, wanting to keep things mixed up and fresh, I pretty much gave them a free day and just offered up fun things to do, all the while mentioning concepts and ideas for them to keep in mind (i.e., learn something from it). Today, the kids were super excited to recycle some old crayons.

Peeling wrappers off crayons

This project actually started weeks ago - I had the kids help me take the wrappings off of years of old crayons. When we all were tired of peeling of the wrappers, we decided to soak the rest in warm water. Much more effective and less time consuming.

Soak crayons in water

Once that was done we sorted them.

Sorted crayons

Sorting was pointless, since once the bin fell over, everything mixed up again. Oh well! Now we have a ton of crayons that we can use for any craft project.

Crayons in molds

For the lego brick crayons, we broke up the old crayons and placed them in silicone baking forms. We put them in the oven, set for 225 degrees, for roughly 15 minutes (or longer, in 5 minute increments for some of the molds with fatter crayons in them, unlit they were fully melted). 

Crayons in molds in oven

Once melted, we let them cool for a bit before putting them in the freezer to cool even faster (who wants to wait???)

Properly cooled down, we extracted the crayons and the kids LOVED the results!

Lego Crayons extracted from molds

The great thing is, for any crayons that broke during extraction, we can just re-melt them and make more!

Crayon legos are done

They loved them so much, we are working on a second batch of mini-figures. 

Crayon lego mini-figs