If The Elite Does IT, It Can't Be That Bad....

Because I can't technically "unschool" in NY, what Elon proposes, which is how I approach learning with my kids, can't be all that bad. They learn most of the basics of life, when you (can and choose to) include them in ALL the intricacies of life. It was refreshing seeing this article outlining exactly this method of thinking.

Homeschooling means, learning happens in everyroom

Yes, as required by NYS law I follow a "curriculum" for all three of my children, but honestly, I look at the books, look at what questions they ask, and what they are supposed to 'do' each day, and I am confident that they are learning and absorbing all they need in childhood and schooling just by participating with me and my husband in our daily lives; WHEN we choose to include them in our daily life.

Which is all the time.

Helping demolition the deck, which was greatly in need of repair. Proud momma!

All the while, they reap the benefits of enjoying all those precious moments with family and learning from each other and have a sense of family that is, by far, gone in this era.

Yes, we go on hikes, go shopping together, google questions we have, love the local library, and have tutors for special skill sets.

Physical Education - Swimming Lessons!

BUT, they learn everyday, and in every moment; Building character that I hope translates to being a beacon of learning, and growth, for themselves and others.

Nothing wrong with a game of rock, paper, scissors!

I am so glad we homeschool, and continue to wish for the best for my children. They love it, and while it's been hard so far, it's working!

And P.S. I love it too...