Confirmation - Year One: SUCCESS!

This is a blog post that has been a year in the making. When we decided to homeschool our kids two months into the 2015 - 2016 school year, I had contemplated blogging all about my experience. But I will be honest - I didn't want to post if we failed on our endeavor and the stress of such a drastic change to our lifestyle was overwhelming. I couldn't fathom chronicling what I was going through when the weight on my shoulders was almost too much to bear.

After getting through the first year, and submitting all the necessary paperwork with the state, I have waited for confirmation from the school district that we satisfied the requirements. I know my children were happier being homeschooled. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing just how they learn, witnessing and embracing their uniqueness, and spending such a great deal of real quality time with them. I experienced more of the Hudson Valley in two months of taking them on hikes than I had experienced in my almost 20 years of being in this great state. I could feel the benefits, see how well it was working for them, and even with the frustrations, know in my heart that this was the right choice.

Ye, I still didn't feel like we succeeded - I needed confirmation from the school district. To make matters worse, our first written narrative was rejected. This almost made me cry. Lots of wine was consumed that day.

FINALLY! We received a letter of confirmation that we have, in fact, satisfied all requirements as stated, after making changes and resubmitting our written narrative. Oh happy day!

I feel like I can finally go back and write about my first year homeschooling, including the paperwork and process, the ups and downs, and share our experience for the sake of helping other parents who may be contemplating homeschooling their kids. I'll be posting a series that chronicles our first year, especially since I still took a great deal of notes and pictures throughout the year. I will also post some of the paperwork I had to deal with, which was probably my biggest hurdle in the whole process, in hopes to help other homeschoolers in New York (one of the toughest states with respect to homeschooling).

But for now, I am one happy mom.