Two Peaks Down In The Last Weekend of Winter

We entered into the winter season with ambitious goals of knocking of as many winter peaks as possible for the Catskills 3500 club. When plans fell through in November, we found ourselves still wanting to get a few peaks under our belts. Only 4 peaks are required, but scheduling and timing for our primary group of 4 to make all the hikes at the same time can be difficult at times.

One member of our quad suggested we knock off two peaks in one weekend, with an overnight stay at a local hotel near the Catskills. PERFECT!

We found a pretty decent hotel, with a salt water pool even, that was roughly 40 minutes from the two trailheads of the peaks we decided to summit - Slide Mountain and Panther Mountain.

Weather suggested we hike Slide Mountain first, and Panther the next day. Clear skies were on the horizon the second day and there were many more views to be seen on Panther than Slide Mountain.

Overall, these hikes were rough on us all. I haven't been conditioning as much as I should have been and I felt it. This was the first time all four of us wore snow shoes, and this was the first time all four of us hiked in the winter. By the time we set off for Panther Mountain the next day, I am pretty sure we were all looking to each other and waiting for one of us to back out and suggest we tackle it another day. But being the fool's that we are, we all went for it - and we are all glad that we did.

Summit of Panther Mountain, Catskills, NY

Two out of 4 Winter peaks knocked off - SUCCESS!