Grilled Sirloin Steak with Broccoli

When the local grocer has a sale on meat, that's what's for dinner! Today's special was buy one get one free sirloin steaks, which looked pretty good. The price was right and since I buy meats, poultry and fish based on what's the most cost effective, it was nice to pick up a steak this time around.

So grilling the sirloin steaks was pretty straight forward - no real recipe, just salt and pepper on the steaks and grill it. But for the broccoli, I really wanted something difference for a change. A quick Google search and I found this interesting and easy method for preparing grilled broccoli on - no skewers needed!

Success! The broccoli had just a little kick, with lots of pleasing flavors all around. This will surely be a recipe I will use again.